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"A special thank you to Shane from Smart Crowdfunding, he is a marketing and crowdfunding guru."
Michael Medvid
Ritot Indiegogo Campaign - Raised over $1,600,000

How Does It Work?

Step 1: We Sign You Up

Just select the type of plan you want, complete the required form and we'll start promoting your Crowdfunding campaign in no time. Simples!

Step 2: We Promote You

We promote your Crowdfunding campaign using social media, our connections in the press and journalists too, thereby increasing your campaign visibilty.

Step 3: We Send The Crowd To You

Social Media, Journalists and great PR can work wonders and bring hundreds and sometimes thousands of potential funders to your Crowdfunding campaign.

Professional Campaign Review *

Once you sign up with us we will review your campaign and make suggestions which are guaranteed to make a huge difference to the marketability of your campaign. We will provide you with a no-nonsense Campaign Review which will be full of useful tips on how to get the most from your Crowdfunding project. 

Guaranteed Front Page Exposure *

We know the in's and out's of Crowdfunding so well that we will be able to help you get your campaign onto the front page within your chosen campaign category on Indiegogo or Kickstarter.  This is a guaranteed service providing your campaign has not been running for more than 3 days prior to you signing up with us.

Social Media

Understanding Social Media is one of the most important aspects of formulating a solid marketing plan for your campaign. We will use our social media expertise to get the word out there to the masses. We have many Twitter and Facebook followers who just love Crowdfunding and they love to pledge too!

Professional Press Release

Writing a good Press Release really is a form of art so we use the very best people in the business to write yours. Using your Crowdfunding project information, they develop a professional press release within 48 hours(excluding weekends and holidays), which we then send to you for your approval.

Press Promotion

We promote your Crowdfunding campaign to members of the press and to journalists that are keen to hear your type of news. If they decide to use your story and write  about your campaign they can send hundreds of funders to your campaign within a very short time period.

Press Release Submission

We will submit your press release to the very best press submission and distribution services. These services are used by thousands of news websites and blogs throughout the world. Our  unique service can help you quickly hit your funding goal!

Multi-Media Press Release

Multi-media press releases feature images and video from your Crowdfunding project. This is a great way to attract people to your project. This feature will significantly improve audience engagement with your campaign.

Specialist Crowdfunding Consulting Services

Thinking of starting a crowdfunding campaign and need to create the pre-launch hype? Need professional help and expertise for the duration of your campaign?

We offer professional Crowdfunding services which include:

  • The appointment of a Social Media Specialist who handles your entire social media campaign

  • A dedicated Smart Crowdfunding Account Manager for the duration of your campaign

  • Consulting services from our renowned Crowdfunding expert and CEO, Shane Liddell

  • Professional campaign design services to get your campaign optimized for conversions

  • Top level strategic guidance throughout your campaign development and execution.

Our consulting fees start from $3,000 plus performance bonuses of between 3 - 5% of funding raised.

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* Premier Plan & Smartest Plan packages only.


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