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"A special thank you to Shane from Smart Crowdfunding, he is a marketing and crowdfunding guru."
Michael Medvid
Ritot Indiegogo Campaign - Raised over $1,650,000



Louis Crowe BionicGym Indiegogo Campaign $2,300,000+ Raised

"Smart Crowdfunding were fabulous! They give advice without any sugar-coating but it is well worth taking everything they say onboard. Their predictions have proven to be accurate and their suggestions always on-the-ball."


    Mark Wood GRIPBELL Kickstarter Campaign $340,000+ Raised

"Your valuable experience and professional crowdfunding consultant DID help us to be patience, stay to focus, and especially win thousand of backers instantly!   In other words, if we didn’t listen to Shane’s advise by postponing our campaign,  we probably will not be able to reach our funding goal without building our audience way before launching Kickstarter campaign.  The outcome was 1,700% of our funding goal, wow!  Thank you, Shane!"


 Chris Houle PHAZON: Indiegogo Campaign $2,100,000+ Raised

"We would like to thank Shane Liddell from Smart Crowdfunding for his precious advices! If you plan to do a crowdfunding campaign or know a friend who will, check out his website!

Rank: 4.9 / 5


Testimonials – Coolest Clock
"We've tried almost all the services around and considered whoever or whichever company reached us in our three campaigns. Only 1 succeded with over than 1390% and that one was the one which we worked with Smart Crowdfunding.
From A to Z, I, personally cannot compare their services or what they did and still do (our agreement was already ended with the campaign but still if we have a question they are always there for us, this is very, but very important if you will have a campaign. This all stuff is related with people and you need trustworthy people around you, today, and tomorrow).
Not only their CEO is the expert and always interested in making you more successful but also the whole team are very kind and helpful people. Real people to help you, really, in all.
I could give many examples from my and my teams` experiences but I guess this short review would be enough about them to distinguish the services and "personality" of help and professionalism."
Muammer Derebasi
Coolest Clock

Rank: 4.8 / 5


Testimonials – Micro-Phone

"Thank you for your emails and encouragement. Really appreciated. I have also appreciated the input given in regards to updates and keeping the campaign moving.

I have to say the assistance given by Smart Crowdfunding has made all the difference in how we have approached the funding of the campaign… having a great product does not guarantee you will get funded. Having support and assistance from Smart Crowdfunding gives your campaign the edge that other campaigns lack.

Look forward to working with you again if we have the opportunity… your service is outstanding and I am very impressed with the professionalism and follow up you offer."

Ethan Hunt




Rank: 4.9 / 5


"Our company, USCL Corporation, engaged Shane Liddell and Smart Crowdfunding LLC as a consultant to help guide us in the preparation and launch of a complex crowdfunding campaign. In our case this was particularly complicated due to the nature of our core business and the industry we serve as well as the demographics of our potential crowd funders. In a very short period of time, Shane delivered exactly what he promised us. His reports and guidance have saved us much time and more importantly have prevented us from making mistakes with our initial launch. And I am very pleased to say Shane completed the project well under budget and refunded us unused retainer funds with exceptional professionalism and speed. I highly recommend Shane and Smart Crowdfunding LLC. Please feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions concerning how we were treated by Shane at"


USCL Corporation

Tom Tamarkin

President & CEO

Rank: 4.7 / 5


"Smart Crowdfunding is not the only crowdfunding promotion service that we have used. But it is by a very long way the best. Shane, their CEO, has been very helpful and holds your hand through this tough journey to crowdfunding success.

We did not have Smart Crowdfunding involved from the campaign start and it was going real slow, but, within 2 days of signing up for their service, we were onto the Indiegogo page 5 of 108 Technology pages. Now after 9 days of their help, we are on Indiegogo page 1 and are a featured campaign on the Indiegogo front page slideshow. We could not have asked for, or expected, a better service than that.

I cannot recommend the Smart Crowdfunding service highly enough."

Paul Gill


Orsto Ltd.

Rank: 4.9 / 5


The service from Smart Crowdfunding has been swift and good so far regarding getting me in the first page in the “new this week” section and technology section. They also made very good recommendations on my campaign and were fast to draft the press release.

I would recommend to use them with the premier package as my contributions so far have come from being on the first page. We have had almost 10,000 visits to our campaign and over 4,000 of them in the last 4 days.”

Joshua Letcher


Allotropes Designs

Rank: 4.9 / 5