Indiegogo Crowdfunding

Expert Indiegogo Crowdfunding Assistance Available Here

As arguably the best known crowdfunding site, Indiegogo showcases hundreds of different projects online, each of which need money in order to proceed. If you've decided to use Indiegogo as a platform for your crowdfunding proposal, making sure that your project stands out from the rest and generates the interest you need for success can be a challenge. With an intimate knowledge of marketing on Indiegogo as well as a strong track record in enabling projects of many different types to achieve their crowdfunding target, we're ideally positioned to help.

Range of Different Options

If you're new to crowdfunding, you may not realize just how specialist the marketing process can be. Whether you opt for crowdfunding on Indiegogo or look at another provider, intensive exposure and the right type of message is essential if you want to see those dollars come rolling in. We have undertaken a number of campaigns on behalf of Indiegogo clients, transforming their project's profile from mundane to magnificent, quickly and easily.

Dedicated Indiegogo Marketing Manager

When you sign up with us, you'll immediately get all the benefits which a dedicated marketing manager can bring, in addition to skilled assistance with everything from your social media campaign through to a professional press release, journalist promotion and real time analytics which let you know quickly exactly how well you're doing. From making sure that your campaign is appropriately planned through to flawless implementation and regular, helpful feedback, we offer Indiegogo marketing services that can make a significant difference to your crowdfunding experience.

Committed to Getting Our Clients the Money They Need

We know that a great many truly great ideas end up consigned to obscurity simply because the funding wasn't available at the time. With us behind you, we're confident yours won't be one of them. To find out more about our comprehensive suite of services or to speak with a member of our team about your crowdfunding requirements, call us now at (941) 882-4384.