Kickstarter Crowdfunding

Bring Your Project to Life with Kickstarter Promotion Services

Do you have a dream? Have you created something truly special and unique which the rest of the world needs to share? Unfortunately, when the banks say no and you don't have any excess cash sitting about, turning your ideas into reality can be a challenge. This is where we come in, offering all the expertise you need to maximize your chances of crowd funding success.

Sometimes a Great Product Isn't Enough

The secret to crowd funding isn't just to have an attractive, intriguing project on offer (although that definitely helps). Targeted marketing, plenty of the right kind of exposure, and advice on campaign management from a team that really knows their stuff can all be critical in improving your crowdfunding experience. Our highly experienced, motivated and knowledgeable Kickstarter marketing agency is ideally placed to offer the innovative, expert assistance you need to give your project proposal and subsequent marketing the polished, professional appeal it needs.

A Kickstarter Consultant That's With You Every Step of the Way

Rather than waste hours trying to come up with an attractive way of presenting your project, or spend precious time on social media, letting people know what you've got to offer, why not let us take the strain? With a strong track record of generating income through crowd funding marketing, we have the necessary skills to undertake every aspect of your campaign, from initial planning through to post-target evaluation and follow up.

Range Of Kickstarter Crowdfunding Packages Available

We understand that cost is always an issue, which is why we offer a number of different bundles that are designed to suit projects of many different sizes. We let you know from the outset what the costs are going to be, giving you the information you need to make the right decisions on the best level of support your project needs. To discuss your project in more detail with a member of our friendly, dedicated team, or for further information, call us now at (941) 882-4384.